JUST CLOSED | All Suites at The Hayworth!

We have officially closed on ALL 8 suites at The Hayworth in West Hollywood!

Sale price per suite:

1274 (The Rita Suite): $907,525
1270 ¾ (Orson Welles Suite): $870,000
1270 (The Sinatra Suite): $850,000
1272 ½ (Rapunzel Suite): $850,000
1272 ¼ (Elizabeth Taylor Suite): $775,000
1272 (Cary Grant Suite): $760,000
1270 ¼ (John Gilbert Suite) : $755,000

1270 ½ (Rock Hudson Suite): $755,000

“Thank you for being so attentive, caring and fun to work with throughout this entire process. I am so grateful for this magical home and community you and your team created, and cannot believe I have the honor of calling it my home.”

– Buyer

“Thank you for the great communication and transaction. Truly a pleasure working with you.” – Buyer’s Agent


If you have any questions about The Hayworth or Tenants in Common (TICs), please visit TheHayworthWeho.com or contact Will Tiao directly at (323) 363-1096 or email will@tiaoproperties.com

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