Dedicated, trustworthy, nice and caring.

I used to work for Tiao Properties as an office assistant so I can attest for how much care and dedication Will & Diana give to their work. I think that both of them are trustworthy, genuinly nice and caring people. They are always striving for their clients’ best interest. Be it their real estate clients or tenants at the properties they manage, they want them to feel truly at home. For these reasons, I knew that I will be seeking their services once it was my turn to buy a house.

Will and Diana helped me and my husband find our first home together. It was my first time buying a property. Even though I had previously worked for Tiao Properties, I was more involved with the property management side of the business and not so much with the real estate side so, I wasn’t very familiar with the process. Even so, everything was very clear and they were easy to work with. Diana is organized and always looking for ways to improve and make the process easier for her clients. Will is very proactive and a good negotiator. Together, they make an excellent team. In addition, although it was not my husband’s first time buying a property, he also felt the process was much easier when working with them compared to his previous experience with other agents.

We tried browsing for listings and going to open houses by ourselves but the place we ultimately chose was one that Will found about after talking with the listing agent. It was a property that would have been very difficult for us to find and one that we would probably not even consider before. Will and Diana helped us during the entire process and in all the steps required for closing escrow (e.g. inspections, contingencies removals, requests for repairs, etc.)

We have been enjoying our new home for the past several months and we still think that they helped us find the perfect fit for us.

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