Truly a pleasure working with Will Tiao & team

It was truly a pleasure working with Will Tiao & team. My five-star rating is based on three criteria:

1) Knowledge of Market
I opted to invest in an area that I was pretty unfamiliar with but heard murmurings about it being an up-and-coming area. Will was able to provide the much-needed context & insider scoop about the area — an area he’s been following for 3-4 years now.

2) Deal Sourcing
He identified an off-market property that wound up appraising for more than $100K over what I paid. Not mad at that!

3) Client Service
Trust. I trust that Will & team have my back. I’m a naturally skeptical person, so it’s hard for someone to build trust so quickly with me. I appreciated his candor — both good & not-so-good — about the property. He’s quick to respond whether it be via text, email or phone.

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