Will and Diana are truly an asset to any team.

As a business owner in the professional service industry, I cannot tell you how much I commend and respect Will’s tireless work ethic and uniquely aggressive approach. He is a trusted advisor and has quickly proven to us his value and insight.

The team at Tiao have not only assisted us in professionally managing, maintaining, and growing our portfolio – but have provided us with candid and honest advice regarding the state of the market, handling repairs, working with vendors, and communicating with investors.

Our team initially intended on hiring Tiao simply to better manage our properties, however Will has been quickly proven to add tremendous value not only to our operations, but to our relationships with our tenants.

Our experienced investor group has 12+ units, and I can first hand say that Will and Diana are truly an asset to any team. Will not only has a great eye for identifying charming properties, but neighborhoods which have potential for upside. As we intend on expanding our real estate holdings in Los Angeles, we can’t imagine doing so with anyone other than Will and the team at Tiao Properties. We highly recommend his services and insights!

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